What's On My Iphone 5c | Darlingbluebird - YouTube

Another video this one been very popular!

What's In My Bag? - YouTube

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Update!! Fall 2014


So hi guys and welcome back to my blog! I know I haven’t been very active as I would like…. but now I have studies now. So then life gets in the way and I don’t feel like I have time to post anymore! S just a quick post about what will be upcoming in the next couple of weeks. (more…)

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What’s On My iphone 5c

What’s On My iphone 5c

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Hello to all so today I shall do a quick post on what’s on my iphone. I did do an video about this on my YouTube channel I’ll put the link down below if your interested ^.^

“What’s On My Iphone 5c” Darlingbluebird’s channel.

To start off as I was thinking of what to do next for my channel I decided to this topic. I know lots and lots of people have done this topic, but hey why not?  (more…)

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What's on my iphone 5c - YouTube

new video

What's on my iphone 5c - YouTube

New video